Life is Learning Process is set up for learning the life process of human beings. Basically, leaning process is self study but in the process, we study by attending class, becoming a member of some group and organization.

Our topics at this time are Human history, Spiritual quest, Health maintenance.

Ken Inouye is my name. I like to see and understand many things in the world. I constantly see that what I have learned when I was growing up are just a surface version of whatever our society calls it a politically correct norm. When you look into them now, they are not very true. They drive public opinion, mass reaction and often results in undesirable consequences. But I am not going to condemn them and try to change the world but see what is going on. When you can watch within yourself, similar things are going on without my awareness.

You must continue to do the self learning and get true information and knowledge. One of the way is to pursue Spiritual quest. When you are not with any organization but just an individual, you can see the world better. Therefore, this website give some necessary information for you to start or give some references along your way.

You heard about “Survival of the fittest”. This implies learning the environment and adapt to the situation to survive. The nature tests us constantly and we have to be learning and adjust with the changing reality.

I am leaving these information toward anyone who is in the quest of the Truth, Reality, Existence. These are equivalent to  “God” but I do not want to use the word here because it is misused all the time in our society.

Good luck, see you in my blog.

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