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Spiritual Quest September 2017

Human being is born without a manual book.  But DNA has many stored programs. Human society stores many programs. By the time you start asking question, who am I?, you are pretty much setup by your DNA and surrounding cultural society. You are progammed automatic human machine.

This is how you start your Spiritual Quest. You suspect something is going wrong in our society. You tried what is right for you and your family. You may have a moment of success but it always end up in a failure. And eventurally you get old and you wonder what happened. Then you start seaching ulternative answers. You might read books, watch DVD, YouTube, go to a seminar, spiritual class. These are necessary prerequisite. There is no one who does not need to learn. Selecting a good methodology is desirable. You may not find them right away but keep searching with an open mind. Most of the methodologies are old and outdated.  The methodology has to work well in today’s environment.

You have to know the Spiritual learning is just for an individual only, not for the mass or organization. It is only for you alone. You may be learning with groups or organization but they have their own agenda and it always have side effects. You need to know that just like when you are taking a medicine. You can not simply believe books or Gurus. You need to do constant pondering. Your aim is to raise your awareness level. Some people call it living in the lofty level, awaken being. In the ordinary life, being in conscious awareness, moment by moment is called Spiritual state, awaken state. When you are thinking, you are not in the awaken state. You are in the mental state where most of the world population is. And they are Spiritually sleeping being.

Give some thoughts, and your feed backs are welcomed.